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Mercedes Benz EQE350 Luxury

mercedes EQE350 2023 SUV New

The all-new Mercedes Benz EQE350 SUV is a good luxury electric SUV. It has a dapper and feature-rich interior with an intuitive infotainment system and two rows of roomy, comfortable seats. It provides spry acceleration, composed handling and a posh ride. Mercedes Benz EQE350 SUV powered by dual permanently excited synchronous motor, with combined power 215 kW and combined torque 765 N.m , it adopt 96.1 kWh ternary lithium battery ,the electric range from 595km to 613km.

In China, Mercedes Benz EQE 350 SUV have three models:

Mercedes Benz EQE 350 SUV Pioneer Model-MRSP ¥486,000. Electric Range: 613kM

Mercedes Benz EQE 350 SUV Luxury Model-MRSP ¥510,000. Electric Range: 595kM

Mercedes Benz EQE 350 SUV Special Model-MRSP ¥564,600.Electric Range: 609kM